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cleaning1. The initial cleaning process is used for removing grease, oil, or any other contaminants using the appropriate solvents.

Aluminum Cleaning

clean alumCleaning or pickling aluminum alloys:

• Alkaline clean to remove oil, ink, grease and other contaminants

• Alkaline etch (pickling) to remove surface oxides and surface metal required for penetrant inspection

• Deoxidizing removes surface oxides and contaminants by removing minimal surface metal

Titanium Cleaning / Pickling

clean titanium• Titanium pickling is used to remove surface oxides and minimal surface metal prior to penetrant inspection

Titanium Passivation

titanium passivation• While titanium possesses excellent corrosion resistant properties, some component applications require passivation and finishing

Cress Passivation


• Stainless steel or corrosion resistant steels are defined as steel alloys with a minimum of 11% chromium content by weight. This chromium oxide content gives the steel its stainless nature by forming a thin, adherent, and passive (non-reactive) film to prevent surface corrosion. This is a stark contrast to plain carbon steels. The Cres Passivation process is a cleaning process for stainless steel

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